See Westport's Recent Home Sales

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The home at 1 Baker Ave. in Westport recently sold for more than 1.8 million.
The home at 1 Baker Ave. in Westport recently sold for more than 1.8 million. Photo Credit: Courtesy

WESTPORT, Conn. – Here's a list of Westport property transfers and home sales from Jan. 7 to 11 as reported by the town clerk's office.

▪ 7 Country Lane: Sold by Janice A. Dean to Mark W. and Mary Ann Lindwall for $950,000.

▪ 5 Fermily Lane: Sold by Mary Ann Lindwall to Sheung L. and Betty Tang Ng for $999,000.

▪ 43 Evergreen Ave.: Sold by Michael Westcott and Skye Kirby to Virginia Kelly for $1.225 million.

▪ 8 Oak St: Sold by Edward V. Gottschalk to Jana Ireijo for $483,500.

▪ 4 Westfair Drive: Sold by Heinz Rueckert Est. to B II Builders LLC for $450,000.

▪ 18 Weston Road: Sold by Joyce E. Wilson to Brian C. Foster for $525,000

▪ 1 Baker Ave.: Sold by Virginia Kelly to Vipul B. and Powlimi N. Soni for $1,802,500.

▪ 5 Marine Ave.: Sold by Andrzei Piekarski to Aaron M. and Jennifer E. Seymour for $2.25 million.

▪ 6 Marine Ave.: Sold by Aaron and Jennifer Seymour to AP Properties LLC for $1 million.

▪ 41 Park Lane: Sold by Guido R. Bartels Rev Trust to Michael and Jessica Newshel for $1.75 million.

▪ 29 Compo Beach Road: Sold by Compo Hill Partners LLC to Qtip Trust J. Bach and P. Tuttman Trs. for $750,000 (50 percent interest).

▪ 29 Compo Beach Road: Sold by Compo Hill Partners LLC to Judith Bach for $750,000 (50 percent interest).

▪ 35 Bridge St. Unit 102: Sold by Peter J. and Belle Lord Living Trust to Paul C. Taylor for $195,000.

▪ 15 Edgewater Hillside: Sold by Thelma Lubarsky Estate to Coastal 15 Edgewater LLC for $925,000.

▪ 71 Old Road: Sold by John J. Moranski Tr. to David M. and Meredith D. Kamo for $1.8 million.

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