Westport Woman, 71, Arrested On Prostitution Charge

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Westport resident Sygun Liebhart, 71, is facing a prostitution charge in Glastonbury.
Westport resident Sygun Liebhart, 71, is facing a prostitution charge in Glastonbury. Photo Credit: Contributed: Glastonbury Police Department

WESTPORT, Conn. – A 71-year-old Westport woman was charged with prostitution in Glastonbury on Friday after police said she was seeking to get paid for sex.

Sygun Liebhart, of Easton Road, placed an escort ad on the website Backpage.com, using the name “Lola,” Glastonbury police said in a statement.

An undercover officer was sent to Liebhart’s hotel room at the Homewood Suites in Glastonbury, police said. Once a deal for sexual acts was arranged, she was taken into custody by members of the East Central Narcotics Task Force, police said.

Liebhart was charged with prostitution, a misdemeanor. Her bond was set at $500.

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Comments (18)

Who would pay for THAT?

I agree with your post 100 percent

Does it help in your mind with your low self worth to mock this woman you should be ashamed of yourself

Something about this story is hard to believe. Googling it, there are several sources. This seems to be the most comprehensive and has several piocture posted with ads this woman posted. She has apparently been making a business of this for some time. The pictures are self explanatory and she advertises herself as older and better.


haaa, not sure if the pics help or hurt her!
Thanks for sharing that link

come on ladies, stop the bs, you wish someone would want to pay you to have a little bumpbump at 71 yrs young.
good for her............

If she is soliciting her body in exchange for money, she should be arrested. Shame on her. At her age she should know better and be ashamed of herself. She lives in Westport so she is not broke. Crazy.....maybe, but not broke.

Did you ever stop and think that she may have lost everything when the Republican village idiot war criminal brought the county days from a depression.

This is a victimless crime. Prostitution should be legalized, regulated, and taxed. I feel sorry for the people involved.

Mom! Mommy!! Why didn't you tell me about this?

What a sad, sad, story.........

If she wanted to sell her body for basketball, baseball, football, tennis or hockey, and was any good, she might get millions, but to sell it for sex, she gets arrested. Of course, the article doesn't say if she is homeless, needs money for food or clothing or grandchildren - no, just that sex is involved so she is automatically made into an evil person.

Now if she traded sex for a marriage with a house on Greens Farms Road and a Mercedes and Cartier jewelry and Chanel clothes - that's OK.

Veteran, the article says she lives on Easton Road in Westport, so guess she's not homeless.

There is always a reason someone commits a crime, but that doesn't mean they are justified. If I'm hungry and need food, no matter how much I might not want to, I could get a job at McDonald's or Wal-Mart. I see plenty of senior citizens who work at grocery stores or department stores like Wal-Mart, so if money was an issue, I'm sure she could have found a legal way to get paid.

I can't tell what it is. Something about the news is so disturbing.

At what age should prostitutes get a free pass?

Either this is a joke, or the cops in Glastonbury have too much time on their hands.

Seriously? This story is sad but they had to have the Narcotics Task Force take her into custody? Don't they have anything better to do?