Metro-North Employee Charged With Public Indecency In Fairfield Incident

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FAIRFIELD, Conn. - An engineer trainee was charged with public indecency after a passenger said he was masturbating in front of her in an incident that stopped the train and caused a police manhunt Tuesday in Fairfield, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police said Wednesday.

"Obviously this was an isolated incident," said Marge Anders, a spokesman for the MTA, adding that Metro-North trains are safe for commuters. 

Fairfield and MTA police worked together Tuesday morning to find the suspect after a passenger said she had been the victim of a sexual assault while on the New Haven-bound train during the Tuesday rush-hour commute, a Metro-North spokesman said.

The train was stopped at the Fairfield station shortly before 9 a.m., and all the cars were searched, police said. 

Officers then began searching the nearby area and found Manny Ramos, 34, who matched the victim's description on the Unquowa Road bridge over the station, police said. Ramos, of Brooklyn, N.Y., was arrested by Fairfield police and handed over to MTA police. 

Ramos was hired as a coach cleaner in October 2011 and was being trained to become a train engineer, Metro-North said.

He was suspended without pay, and further disciplinary actions will be taken, Anders said. 

The MTA police were continuing to investigate the incident, she said. 

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Comments (8)

Public indecency? How about Assault with Intent to Spill?

No wonder the trains are running amuck!! Help me out here - you go from a cleaner to engineer? Must be a few more positions one must master before you "turn over the keys" to an idiot like this.

nothing better then wake up to a guy wanking off by your face ....hahhahaha

I'm surprised that Marge Anders' comment didn't read, ""obviously this was a f*@king isolated incident" after her choice words the other day about the stooge electrician

It's hard to believe she was alone in that car at that time in the morning. Why didn't somebody else intervene ?

Looks like there's going to be a couple of job openings at Metro North.

I like that, "an isolated incident", in case we were to erroneously assume that tons of this is going on all over Metro North. Thanks for the enlightenment, Marge Anders of MN.

Maybe amongst employees but otherwise if you take all the trains and the subways, to get to and from work in NYC, it's not so isolated.