See Westport's Recent Home Sales

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The home at 37 Ferry Lane East in Westport recently sold for $2 million. Photo Credit: Courtesy

WESTPORT, Conn. – Here's a list of Westport property transfers and home sales from Dec. 31 to Jan. 4 as reported by the town clerk's office.

▪ 5 Hidden Hill Road: Sold by Coastal 5 Hidden Hill LLC to David and Charis Cooper for $2.875 million.

▪ Gault Park Drive: Sold by Eileen Woodley to Gault Park LLC for $775,000.

▪ 22 Coleytown Road: Sold by JAARC LLC to Joel M. and Verona Stier, Trustees, for $3.038 million.

▪ 31 Hermit Lane: Sold by Lee and Gina Nelson to Matthew M. and Gery Grove for $1.58 million.

▪ 37 Ferry Lane E.: Sold by Leathem S. Stearn to Michael and Janel Gehb for $2 million.

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