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The home at 7 Plunkett Place in Westport recently sold for more than $4 million. Photo Credit: Courtesy

WESTPORT, Conn. – Here's a list of paid Westport property transfers and home sales from Dec. 17 to 21 as reported by the town clerk's office.

▪ 7 Plunkett Place: Sold by Christopher W. and Jennifer G. Wink to Gioel M. and Ronni M. Molinari for $4.05 million.

▪ 5 Forest Drive: Sold by James M. and Joanne Tricarico to George Justin and Joanne Phillips for $2.7 million.

▪ 42 Burr Farms Road: Sold by Annemarie McCalla to Vanbrodt Estates LLC for $476,500.

▪ 316 Greens Farms Road: Sold by David M. McGrath to Sefton D. and Jill T. Cohen for $1,463,875.

▪ 112 Hillspoint Road: Sold by Anne L. and Timothy L. Davies to Scott S. Balber and Elise Zealand for $1.16 million.

▪ 26 Buena Vista Drive: Sold by 26 Buena Vista LLC to Robert and Caroline M. Muir for $2.6 million.

▪ 34 Roseville Road: Sold by Sonia Mihelic to Hugo M. and Fabiola G. Souza for $1.5 million.

▪ 101 Bradley Lane: Sold by Emily M. Zagorski to Caitlin Boulier for $667,500.

▪ 23 Rayfield Road: Sold by SIR-23 Rayfield LLC to Scott A. and Michelle U. Shapiro for $1.425 million.

▪ 50 Cranbury Road: Sold by Ben and Rebecca Gertsmark Oren to Britt A. and Stephanie A. Szostak for $1.425 million.

▪ 1590 Post Road E.: Sold by Albert E. Schurman to 1590 Post Road East LLC for $850,000.

▪ 5 Adams Farm Road: Sold by Doris E. Farquhar to SIR-5 Adams Farm LLC for $925,000.

▪ 68 Harbor Road: Sold by Ann Hollis James Estate to Joshua S. Newman for $655,000.

▪ 35 Franklin Street: Sold by Jeffrey Sharpe to John Brewster for $50,000.

▪ 9 Rices Lane: Sold by Barbara Neiman to John S. and Jill B. Dillon $1.05 million.

▪ 14 Hunting Lane: Sold by Hallie and Garrett Chase to Avigdor Dori and Maya B. Konig for $1.45 million.

▪ 34 Harbor Road: Sold by Piekarski Investments LLC to Three Dog Walk LLC for $2.35 million.

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