Westport's Steinberg Praises Passage Of Comprehensive Water Plan Bill

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State Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, D-Westport
State Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, D-Westport Photo Credit: File

WESTPORT, Conn. - The recent passage in the state House of landmark legislation setting the stage for a state water plan was hailed by state Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, D-Westport.

He played a central role in the bill's success, helping to negotiate the bill's final language. He also chaired the Water Quality subcommittee of the task force formed after a water summit last fall.

“This legislation is a long time coming,” said Steinberg, “There have been those pressing for a proactive plan for more than 20 years. We're fortunate that water is generally a plentiful resource in Connecticut, as contrasted with a number of Western states which face frequent water crises.

"But we still need to plan ahead, to anticipate potential problems such as storm surge and flooding or even localized drought conditions. We also hope to establish conditions which will moderate water rate increases while assuring appropriate investment in water delivery infrastructure and monitoring technology. What we've done is just the start of this very involved process.”

“I'm gratified that my colleagues in both chambers appreciate the importance of promoting smart water policy,” said Steinberg. “This plan will put Connecticut on the path to determining our own future.”

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