Westport Republican Town Committee Honors Four At Spring Gala

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The Westport Republican Town Committee will hold its Spring Gala at Brichwood Country Club on Thursday, June 12.
The Westport Republican Town Committee will hold its Spring Gala at Brichwood Country Club on Thursday, June 12. Photo Credit: birchwoodcc.org

WESTPORT, Conn. -- The Westport Republican Town Committee will host its annual Spring Gala on Thursday, June 12, from 6 to 10 p.m. at Birchwood Country Club in Westport.

This year’s dinner and awards ceremony will honor four Republicans who have gone above and beyond the ordinary to serve and improve the Westport Community:

  • Westport Board of Finance member Michael Rea,
  • Westport RTM member Carla Rea,
  • former Westport Board of Education member Michael McGovern, and
  • the late Bob Lasprogato, who served as Westport's third selectman and the Republican registrar of voters.

“We are so proud to honor these dedicated Westporters who have donated their time and talents in service to our community,” Lorainne Wetmore, chairman of the 2014 Westport Republicans Spring Gala, said in a statement. “They are devoted volunteers who exemplify hard-work, sacrifice and commitment, and we are proud to have them as leaders in the Republican Party.”

Tickets for the event, which includes beer and wine, dinner and dancing, cost $125 per person and can be purchased by calling 203-454-5294.

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Comments (3)

also - I guess we also just "have to understand" that there is no possibility of a new zoning hearing, to consider the fraudulent variance application, because that was "all set up" by the necessary insiders. So when you go to the Zoning Board and ask for an appeal, based on the flagrant fraud and misrepresentation on the part of the true applicant, Equity One Inc., well they (the Zoning Board) just won't answer ---- after all, why should they ? sad, what a corrupt and jaundiced town Westport is. And for your part in it, esteemed members of the "uber-gauche" Westport GOP, we are not going to forget.

you can block all the emails you want - Westport Republican Party Officials your despicable conduct in this matter is not going to be forgotten.

we would expect this from the Democrats, but Republicans are supposed to stand for something, and if the Westport Republican Party has fallen so far into the depths of corruption and insider-dealing that this does not even merit a reply, all I can say is what comes around goes around - and next time you want money, rather than my writing a check - why don't you just carve off a bigger piece of whatever it is you got from the Compo Acres blasting deal and/or the illicit road paving deal behind Compo Acres, and use that for your corpulent buffets and so forth. I have never seen a group of Republicans so devoid of morals and common decency.

and now most of the Westport Republican Town Officials appear to have "en masse" blocked our email reports on the situation - I guess they live far enough away from Compo Acres Shopping Center so that the upcoming weeks of explosions at Compo Acres "just doesn't concern them" so that they can enjoy whatever political grease the town's political machine has garnered from the crooked REIT, and they just don't care about the Republicans who live near the shopping center. Or was it that we offended some local GOP'ers by complaining about the mysterious Town of Westport repaving/widening of the private road behind the shopping center (that was blasting project #1) (even the mailman thought that was disgusting, but it's Westport - what can you do) ? WAY TO GO WESTPORT GOP ! "LOOK THE OTHER WAY - IT'S THE WESTPORT WAY"


Did you all stuff your faces nicely, here in the crooked hamlet of Westport ? Where both parties are delighted to "look the other way" for a buck ?

And - you're good at it too !

We who live behind the Trader Joe's dumpster are "bracing" for more explosives here in the near future - as a result of the crooked zoning decision fraudulently "granted" to Equity One REIT for its Compo Acres shopping center. Good work Zoning Board - YOU LOOKED THE OTHER WAY AND THAT's THE WESTPORT WAY !

When we complained after the last round of blasting (around ten days to two weeks) when the Town of Westport was mysteriously re-doing the private road behind that shopping center - of course the Westport Police came over with two police cars and threatened arrest. "Just keep your mouth shut - this is Westport".

And now, after the sham zoning hearing with a politically connected strawman representing them - Equity One, of course gets to start their own explosives program ! Hey - why not ! It's Westport.

It is remarkable how jaundiced and corrupt a suburban town can be. Westport really takes the cake in that department, and the Westport Republican Party bears fully half of the disgrace that represents. Remember "Look the other way" is "the Westport Way" !

Hope you all enjoyed stuffing your faces - did you get to charge your dinner tickets to Town Hall ?