Quinnipiac Poll: Connecticut Voters Support Most Gun Measures

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After the Newtown school shootings, most Connecticut voters support a range of gun control measures, a Quinnipiac Poll has found.
After the Newtown school shootings, most Connecticut voters support a range of gun control measures, a Quinnipiac Poll has found. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- By overwhelming margins, Connecticut voters want stronger gun measures, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

A total of 93 percent of residents polled support universal background checks, including 89 percent of those in households with guns, the poll found. 

"In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, there is overwhelming support among Connecticut voters for strengthening the state's gun laws. It is remarkable how bipartisan the support is for some of the most talked-about gun-control measures. Universal background checks tops the list with 93 percent support, higher than we've ever seen for any issue in 20 years of Connecticut surveys," said Douglas Schwartz, director of the Quinnipiac University poll.

Voters support stricter statewide gun-control laws 66 percent to 30 percent, the poll finds. Support for specific measures includes:

  • 68 percent to 28 percent back an expansion of the statewide ban on the sale of assault weapons. Gun owners are opposed 49 percent to 44 percent;
  • 68 percent vs. 28 percent back a ban on the sale of ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds. Gun owners are divided 49 percent vs. 48 percent;
  • 72 percent to 27 percent back registration of all handguns, with annual renewal. Gun owners are divided with 48 percent in favor and 50 percent opposed;
  • 63 percent vs. 31 percent, including 50 percent vs. 46 percent among gun owners, favor limiting handgun purchases to one per month;
  • 85 percent to 14 percent, including 71 percent to 28 percent among gun owners, back a permit requirement to purchase and carry all guns;
  • 86 percent vs. 11 percent, including 85 percent vs. 12 percent among gun owners, favor a gun offender registry for those convicted of gun crimes;
  • 76 percent favor and 19 percent oppose, including 65 percent vs. 32 percent among gun owners, stricter gun storage requirements;
  • 50 percent vs. 43 percent back mandatory liability insurance for gun owners, who oppose this measure 71 percent vs. 26 percent.

"Interestingly, Republican voters are divided 45 - 48 percent on the general question, 'Do you support or oppose stricter gun-control laws in Connecticut.' They support, however, most of the specific measures," Schwartz added.

The Newtown tragedy makes them more likely to support gun-control, 54 percent of Connecticut voters say, while 43 percent say it makes no difference.

Voters do support 54 percent vs. 41 percent placing armed police officers in public schools in the state.

The margin of error was 3 percentage points. To read more about the poll, visit its website.

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Comments (45)


For any owner of a traditional shotgun, rifle or revolver who thought they would be immune from new gun restrictions:


The thing is, not one will hand them in. Ever.
The dems are using the Newtown Deaths to further their agenda and take away even more rights.
They are ridiculous and sneaky.

Timmy, another nickname? What a sicko.

right wing
I also noticed the same thing in that all the anti gun posts were removed but all the insane pro gun posts remained. It makes you wonder what the editors agenda actually is.

Timmy, here's a hint: Anti gun posts are all from the same one nut job.

I don't think they have an agenda--just nervous. I'm very pro-gun; and my insane post was removed a day or two ago.

Blabber - my post with the link to the Supreme Court decisions on gun laws in Washington D.C. and Chicago, IL were also removed. Seems like someone thinks the highest court in the land is also insane.

For some strange reason my last post was deleted when the pro gun groups numerous insulting posts have stayed why is that

All one needs to do is look at the obsessive postings and insane ramblings of the pro gun group and this proves the need for gun control

Perhaps the difference is that the pro gun posters are actually adding something meaningful, with supporting evidence, while all you are doing is repeatedly calling people wackos, nut jobs, insane, etc... I'm sure if you spent a little time explaining your own point of view and why you believe the pro gun posters are wrong, your posts would not be deleted. A little self-reflection goes a long way.

Now, feel free to post your typical response of me being a wacko, nut job, insane, etc...

The sad empirical truth is that of Connecticut's approx 3.5mm residents, only about 500,000 are gun owners. Thus, about 80% of residents have little to know experience with firearms and are this "low information" voters in regards to firearms, the history of firearms and the actual use of same. I have had many conversations around he state and I am saddened by how little people know and how susceptible they are to misinformation, misguided opinions and "reform" ideas that do not work.

For all of you gun control advocates, maybe you would trust a review of common gun control,measures written by Eric Holder's Department of Justice, no friends of gun rights.


If you are still confident in the efficacy of gun control laws as promulgated by the Democrats in DC and Hartford, then you are an ideologue and not a realist.

Interesting points, Thomas. There have actually been studies that indicate that there is no established and identifiable relationship between gun control laws and gun violence.

The reasons for this is a lack of consistency between places with strict laws. As an example, it is fascinating that Connecticut actually has some of the stricter gun laws in the country, and we also have quite low gun homicide rates, and those rates have been dropping every year since 2007. Based on most recent statistics, Connecticut has one gun homicide around every 3 days. When comparing this to Chicago, which also has strict gun laws, and their gun homicide rates of almost 2 per day, it would appear that there are other significant contributing factors that are being ignored.

The government would do well to examine socio-economic factors when considering methods for reducing gun violence. Identifying the cause-and-effect would go a long way to addressing the issue nationwide.


In your statement, I would also like to highlight the fact that Chicago is a CITY while Connecticut is a STATE.

So, according to your statement, in one calendar year Chicago has more gun homicides (547.5 = 365 x 1.5 ) than the State of Connecticut does in a three year period (121.6 x 3 = 364.8). I just went to the following link


that lists the number of murders for the State over a twenty year period and statistically, the average was 135.9 murders per year. 1994 we had a all time high of 216 while we bottomed out at 88 in 2002.

Now, it's not consistent, nor are all the murders committed with firearms. Also there are some abnormalities in the figures, such as the 16 people who died in a 2003 nursing home fire that was later determined to be arson.

Even with the higher number of 135.9 on a consistent basis, it would take the State of Connecticut 3 3/4th years to hit the same 507 murders that Chicago had in 2012.

But no matter what way you look at it, it's incredibly sad.

Paige - Rough populations

CT = 3.5mm

Chicago = 2.7mm

According to CAGV: Of 367 gun homicides committed in CT during 2008-2011, 269 or 73.3% occurred in the state’s three largest cities, Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.

Wikipedia: Populations Bridgeport 144,229, New Haven 129,779, Hartford 124,775

So 73% of CT gun homicides or ~73 in 2011, took place within a population of 395,000 people or a rate of 0.0183%.

If Chicago in 2011 had 411 gun murders, its rate was 0.0152% using 2.7mm people.

Interesting the difference between the state of CT and just its three big cities. And then the implications for CT excluding those three cities are very different.

Some other statistics courtesy of CAGV’s website:

2011 Connecticut firearms deaths totaled 216 with 102 homicides (47%) and 114 suicides (53%).

The homicides affected mostly minorities given 70 victims (68.6%) were African American and 16 (15.7%) were Latino; total of 84.3%.

The suicide data was very different as Caucasians accounted for 92.1% of the 114 suicide victims.

CT 2011 homicide victims were 93 male and 9 female.

CT 2011 suicide victims were 108 male and 6 female

“Most violent gun crimes are committed by people who cannot legally own guns, usually because they are felons or because they are underage.”

“… in Connecticut, more than 85 percent of gun crimes are committed by people who cannot legally purchase guns.”

Tom: You understandably tip-toe around the elephant in the room on this subject: minority gun crime. America doesn't have a gun problem; it has a problem with minority criminal behavior in its urban centers. It's easier to demonize guns than defective cultures and bad people.

Any cop will tell you, privately, that if you make a few wrong turns and stumble onto any Martin Luther King-named boulevard in any city, roll the windows up and get the hell out of there fast.

Thomas -

Wow! I didn't think to check the CAGV site for statistics. Thanks for the info.

It's painful to know that the minorities are the ones that are most affected by gun violence, but if you go to Wikipedia's article on Gun Violence in the U.S., they have this horrible little map of D.C. that shows where the shootings take place. Most of them are in poor neighborhoods.

I think the most telling statements in your post were the last two:

“Most violent gun crimes are committed by people who cannot legally own guns, usually because they are felons or because they are underage.”

“… in Connecticut, more than 85 percent of gun crimes are committed by people who cannot legally purchase guns.”

Gun laws did not stop 85 percent of the criminals from committing the crimes. But in one way, we knew this already. Poor minorities are frequently the targets of gun violence. They are the ones that need the Second Amendment most.

Roger Ailes is a senile old fool

Roger Ailes? Is he the founder and president of Fox News Channel, the most watched cable news network by far, and also the MOST TRUSTED network with 34% of Americans saying it is the network they trust the most? I believe its parent company News Corp. stock price hit an all time high few days ago.

I highly doubt that a senile can lead a highly successful company like that.

John: Make you a deal: Go ahead and try to repeal the 2nd. If you can, we will give up our registered guns. Otherwise, leave us alone. Oh, you can keep riding on bus trips with the Million Saps and sniffling; we will continue to protect our homes by whatever means necessary. You can count on that.

Michelle is a dude.

The tide has turned and now most people see that we need to ban these weapons of mass destruction that only have one purpose to slaughter..The pro gun nuts will disagree but they have become irrelevant as we are going toward the repeal of the 2nd amendment

Timmy, if the tide didn't turn right after Newtown, then I guarantee you the tide will never turn now. Gun culture in America will continue for at least another 200 years. You can cry about it, or you can keep dreaming.
P.S. I just bought a Glock 27. Nice little pistol. Can't wait for the next visit to the range.

Double stack magazine or single?

I'm tired of hearing about Newtown. Yes, it was terrible. Now can we talk about the undefended, murdered and raped family in Cheshire?

I'm willing to talk about other murder victims such as the Petit family, or even this one, which was much closer to home


Take a look in any CT gun store & you will see how many more than 1000 people feel, try getting into a pistol permit class & you will see how we feel.
But beyond that NOBODY should be supporting ignoreing both the state & federal constitutions. Those who do, your time will come. Your savior Obama has recently decided we dont have a first amendment right too, ask the woman arrested yesterday for peacefully trying to submit a poll at the white house.

John real says everything Republicans support destroys? So our Bill of Rights is a destructive thing? Our Constitution which gives us all equal rights is a destructive thing? How silly a notion. Like it or not the reality is that gun control & liberal politics IS responsible for those deaths. Funny that people are too blinded by politics to notice that school massacres were unheard of before gun free school zones were created. Gun ownership isnt new & conservative politics is not new. Gun control & school shootings on the other hand ARE new, as is our trend towards socialism & Marxism. You reap what you sow & the liberal Democrats have been sowing irresponsibility and we are reaping the rewards of their efforts. Thanks, you're the greatest, except for the street violence, state & federal deficits, drug wars & school massacres you guys are great.

And I am sure Newark mayor Cory Booker is a right-wing wacko as well:


Um, no, one needs to wonder how people can blame Republicans for the result of liberal legislation. Forget Democrat & Republican. Think conservative & liberal. Conservatism built this country, we were on top & in the position of influence we enjoy because of conservative policies, small govt & being economically frugal. But we are now TRILLIONS in debt, falling in the worlds eye and becoming a nation of overtaxed underachievers due to liberal policies. You can spew ridiculous hyperbole about how we support things that destroy, but the obvious factual reality is that liberalism is destroying our nation, just as sure as being in a gun free zone killed Adam Lanzas victims. If you REALLY feel that a firearm can never be used for good I imagine you support taking them away from police.

This poll proves what I have been saying all along that most educated people want gun control.

Have you been saying this all along? No kiddin'? You must be educated.

Amazing how these right wingers take a poll from a reputable organization and totally dismissed it.
I can guarantee if this Poll were taken by some right wing blogs these right wingers would posting the results over and over again.

It's sad how people continue to blame a tool rather than the people who use the tool. I wonder what they will try to blame it when we continue to have gun homicides in the state. Our society continues to move further and further away from any sense of self responsibility.

On the plus side, if this keeps up, I'm sure I'll be able to sue someone for something -- "your honor, the back of his car ran into the front of my car when he stopped at the red light. It was his fault for following the law when I didn't want to, so I deserve a million dollars."

Biden is dumb as an ashtray.
Obama is lazy. He has never worked a day in his life. He never earned a penny that wasn’t public money.

bu bu but a community organizer counts, right?????
Biden is a joke, imagine if HE was the Resident?

CT, the land of the sissy. Move to Texas, the land of the brave and the free. TX will soon pass a bill to encourage gun ownership: no sales tax on all guns and ammunition purchases. And no income tax. On average a businessman can start building a stripmall in 6 months in TX, 6 years in CT. Have I mentioned that there's no income tax in TX? It's not what you make, it's what you take home.

How are these numbers going to help Norwalks solve crime,this morning at 11 am stabbing in South Norwalk shows guns are not the only weapon of choice.I like most wnat some control gun control is no ggod without NUT control folks.

It won't do anything to solve crime, reduce crime, prevent crime or anything else. That's the sad part. What is even sadder is that there are people who think this is some miracle cure for gun violence.

Not too mention, after what happened in Newtown recently this poll is certainly going to favor anti gun legislation. Its sort of silly.

If the speed limit was 85 and there was a 26 car accident on 95 and deaths, you could create a poll that says "should speeding laws be changed?" and everyone will say "yes".

But at least people have something to do and it keeps them busy, right?

Further proving my point you never read any article you simply post for attention.
The numbers come right from the article, silly pants


"From March 4 - 5, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,009 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points. Live interviewers call landlines and cell phones. "

Wow that certainly represents "CT voters".