Gov. Malloy Seeks Public Comment On Action Plan For Hurricane Sandy Funds

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Gov. Dannel Malloy is asking residents for public comment on an action plan to distribute federal funds to those still in need following Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: Greg Canuel (File)

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- The state Department of Housing has released an action plan that outlines how the state will distribute $66 million in federal funds to aid residents in Fairfield County and throughout the state who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced.

Malloy invited residents to visit the state’s official CT Recovers website to review and submit comments on the plan. The period for public comment will end on Thursday, March 20.

The money is from the federal Community Development Block Grant program.

“Immediately in the wake of Super Storm Sandy, we aggressively began pursuing federal funding to assist the thousands of individuals, families, and small businesses impacted by that historic storm. With this second allocation of CDBG money, we see our hard work is now paying off,” Malloy said in a statement.

“Once this funding is approved, we want to ensure that it is put to the best possible use, helping the communities and people who need it the most. We want the public’s help with this and are inviting residents and other stakeholders to give us their input by visiting our official disaster recovery website, reviewing our action plan and submitting a comment.”

The Department of Housing plans to use the funding to address any remaining unmet housing needs that resulted from Hurricane Sandy, such as rehabilitation and resiliency planning activities for impacted homeowners.

In addition, $30 million of the $66 million total is targeted for infrastructure projects in Fairfield, New London, New Haven, and Middlesex counties. 

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Kenny with more nonsense

Ken P Jr:

Sandys gone a few years now. Why do the Democrats have to run around scooping up every penny they can? Somebody with real need might be out there going without so Danny boy can hand out money to people for things insurance should pay for. Its not like the was Katrina in NO or CA after a quake for crying out loud. "Yankee" used to mean a sturdy individualist, thrifty & well able to care for himself & his neighbors. Bunch of wussys now for the most part. Vote democrat & ruin a society!