Westport Police: Mom Left Child In Car To Go Tanning

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Southport resident Kristen Becker was charged with risk of injury to a child for leaving her young son in the car alone while she went to go tanning in Westport, police said. Photo Credit: Contributed: Westport Police Department

WESTPORT, Conn. – A 34-year-old Southport woman was arrested Saturday and charged with risk of injury to a child, a felony,  after police said she left her 4-year-old son alone in the car while she went to tan.

Kristen Becker, of Arbor Drive, Southport section of Fairfield, was inside her tanning room at Palm Beach Tan at 1854 Post Road E. when the boy entered the store alone about five minutes later, according to the police report.

The child was not wearing a jacket, and the temperature outside that evening was in the high 20s, the police report said.

When Becker was told by employees the child was in the store, she told her son that he was supposed to stay in the car, the report said.

Becker was later arrested at her home. She was released after posting $2,500 bond and is scheduled to appear at  Norwalk Superior Court on Feb. 11.

This is the second case in two weeks in which a mother was charged with risk of injury to a child for leaving a child unattended.

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Comments (3)

Jackie Giamini:

From the photo of this woman, clearly she has some serious issues. I pray this incident is a blessing in disguise and she gets the professional help that she clearly needs!


A quick internet search shows that this same individual was arrested at least four times on various charges, from shoplifting to drunk driving, over the past few years--all while "raising" her child. This young mom needs help, but more importantly, her son needs a better home environment.


I am sure I am not the only parent seeing this photo and reading about her history who thinks Kristen looks more like a meth or heroin addict than like a loving mother who could/should be responsible for a young child. Judging by this image and by her track record and lack of judgment, I truly hope local law enforcement and DCFS takes a deeper look at her parenting abilities and get her the help she needs before putting a vulnerable four-year-old child back into her "care." Most importantly, they need to make sure the four-year-old is safe. If the child is released to her, the appropriate agency should start doing home visits to make sure the child is being raised in a safe home environment.