Westport Police Charge Woman In Compo Beach Profanity Tirade

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WESTPORT, Conn. —  A 63-year-old woman was facing breach of peace charges in Westport in connection with a “profanity-laced tirade” that took place at Compo Beach in September, police said.

Carol Hauser, who listed a Greenwich post office box as her address, is accused of confronting two adults and six children — all under the age of 8 — at the beach, police said. The tirade, according to the police report, was regarding dogs being on the beach.

Hauser turned herself in on a warrant last Wednesday. She was released after posting $500 bond and is set to appear at Norwalk Superior Court on Dec. 6.

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Comments (3)


She reportedly called one of the children a "poo-poo head", and faces twenty- to-life, with no parole.

Ellen L.F. Strauss:

The First Amendment does not exclude profanity. The woman was probably tired of stepping in dog feces.


@Ms. Inzitani, What a poor article. Who owned the dogs Hauser or the group of 8? What was the issue with the dogs? Off leash? Bothersome? Threatening?
And, what is the policy on dogs at Campo at this time of year? Were any citations issued related to the dog problem? if not, why not? Who was the officer that responded and charged Hauser?
When you report an incident try to gather some facts instead of the simple sentence that the police feed you.

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