Shelton Man Charged In Westport Bank Heist

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Shelton resident James L. Watson was arrested Thursday morning by Westport police and charged in last Friday's bank robbery. Photo Credit: Contributed: Westport Police Department

WESTPORT, Conn. – A Shelton man was arrested Thursday morning and charged with the knife-point robbery of a CitiBank branch in Westport last Friday, Police Capt. Sam Arciola announced Thursday.

Police identified 44-year-old James L. Watson as the suspect based on evidence recovered following the robbery and information received during the investigation, Arciola said.

At approximately 1 p.m. on Dec. 21, a man entered the CitiBank at 399 Post Road W., showed a knife to the teller and passed a note demanding money. He fled on foot before police arrived.

The suspect was described as a clean-shaven black man in his late 30s or early 40s, approximately 6-feet tall with muscular upper body and wearing a black trench coat and blue hat with orange writing.

Shortly after the crime, police recovered evidence from the robbery, including the trench coat, baseball hat and knife, on Sylvan Road North in Westport, about a mile from the bank, Arciola said.

“Information was developed that Watson had been in the Hudson Valley Bank at 420 Post Road W. shortly before the robbery at CitiBank,” Arciola said in a statement. “Detectives continued to develop information through the holiday which led to Watson’s arrest this morning.”

Watson was charged with first-degree robbery, a felony, and fifth-degree larceny, a misdemeanor. He was arrested at his home with help from Shelton police, Arciola said.

Watson was being held on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned in Norwalk Superior Court Friday.

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Comments (4)

Broad River:

Even timmy ( sorry Tim T. ) has better reading comprehension skills ! Maybe all that NRA reading you do gets twisted up inside of your head and comes out the other end, with a lock and load, sling your weapon and be on the lookout for random acts of violence mentality. Spoiler alert Ken wearing an " S " on your shirt doesn't make you a hero.

Broad River:

What role did the NPD play in this?
You can rob a bank by simply asking or pass a note. Amusing? Oh that's right, your solution to things is a gun.
At least he didn't put a bullet through someones chest for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Or is it that he reads your rants and out of desperation for his own safety, took the money to buy an AR.
I imagine he has been of a stable mind for at least half his life where purchasing a gun would have not sent up any flags. Then for some unknown reason, family, finances, overwhelming stress his stability falters. It could happen with you and you have a gun !
Thank God he didn't have a gun. Becoming a felon takes away his 2ND amendment right to own one, ever.
Even our Founders weren't able to stop that first felony murder. Gun restriction laws are needed even if only one life is spared, a bank teller.
No Ken, cars are designed for transportation, especially that of a personal nature. Guns are designed to kill, at distance.

Tim T:

Maybe you cant read.....It was Westport PD that caught this guy.

"A Shelton man was arrested Thursday morning and charged with the knife-point robbery of a CitiBank branch in Westport last Friday, Police Capt. Sam Arciola announced Thursday. "

As usual NPD has failed to solve anything..

So should read

Good job by the WPD again!

Ken P Jr:

Good job by the NPD again! We really have some exemplary officers on the force. That said I find it amusing that a person can rob a bank with a knife these days.