Westport Top Salaries 2012: Municipal Employees

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WESTPORT, Conn. – Westport police officers and firefighters dominate the list of the town’s Top 50 earners in 2012. Of the 50, 48 are police or firefighters.

Police officers and firefighters are annually among the top earners because, in addition to their base salary, they earn overtime and in many cases, are employed by utilities, contractors and private citizens for outside work. Wages earned through outside jobs are paid by the hiring agency or individual, not taxpayers.

The attached list shows only the top salaries of municipal employees. A separate list shows the top salaries earned within the school system.

In addition to each person's total wages, this list includes base salary, overtime wages and wages earned through private jobs. It also shows "other" earned wages, which includes holiday pay,shift differential, EMT stipend, master firefighter/master police officer stipends, standby pay and taxable life insurance.

Click on the link below to see the list:

Attached: (top_50_municipal_salaries_2012.pdf)

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