Westport Commuters Will Lose A Big Tax Break In New Year

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Commuters in Fairfield County and across the nation will lose a big federal tax break at the beginning of the new year, according to Forbes. 

The pre-tax transit benefit for transit riders will drop to $130 a month and parking tax breaks will be cut to $250 per month. The change will cost a commuter who spends more than $250 a month $576 every year in tax savings, Forbes reported. 

About 2.7 million families in the metropolitan New York area benefit from the tax break. There's hope it may be renewed by Congress, according to Forbes.com.

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Comments (3)

Why should they get any tax break for using mass transit thats funded mostly by state subsidies anyway? They use mass transit, it costs us money, and they get rewarded for it?

There goes that bagel they grab when they get off downtown !

Well, if they didn't work out of town there would be less work here for one.
When you work in NY you pay NY State tax, CT State tax and Federal
If they didn't ride the train everyday, what sort of train service do you think we would have for the rest of us?
Just how much do you think your share of this subsidy to train riders do is yours? From your pocket? I'll send you a check !
' Rewarded to ride the train '. .., How your mind works ,..

You have the republicans to thank for this