Former Westport Swim Coach Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assaulting Girls

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Former Staples swim coach Jeffrey Schare pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two Fairfield girls.
Former Staples swim coach Jeffrey Schare pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two Fairfield girls. Photo Credit: File: Contirbuted

WESTPORT, Conn. -- A former swim coach from Westport's Staples High School pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two Fairfield girls, according to 

Jeffrey Schare, 44, of Fairfield admitted to sexually assaulting two victims from Fairfield who are now 12 and 9 years old over a three-year period, according to He is facing eight years in prison and a lifetime of sex offender registry after serving his sentence, said. 

Schare originally pleaded not guilty to the charges when he was arraigned back in January 2013. 

Valerie Wilke, a licensed social worker is also facing charges after counseling the girls but not reporting the assault, reported. 

He turned himself in to Fairfield police in December 2012 and was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and risk of injury to a child, all felonies.

Schare was also a math teacher at Staples High School but was no longer employed there after his arrest.

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