Westport Man Uses Kickstarter To Fund Tarot Card App

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Westport's Ron Leong is turning to Kickstarter to make his dream come true to open the app "Tarot eCards" on android devices. Photo Credit: Courtesy Tarot eCards Kickstarter page

WESTPORT, Conn. -- Westport's Ron Leong is turning to Kickstarter to make his dream come true. 

Leong recently opened a Kickstarter page to fund a new smartphone app that would allow people to use Tarot cards. "Tarot eCards" is an application that features digital editions of Tarot decks and Leong is looking for $12,000 by Jan. 13. 

"'Tarot eCards' brings together a centuries old art form with new digital technology to make Tarot cards easier to use, more accessible and less costly to own," Leong wrote on the Kickstarter page. "Its most novel feature is that the basic App works with any Tarot eCards digital deck. This allows users to build a personal Tarot library and select and use any deck in their collection with a single App."

Leong, a Westport resident, is the founder of WizardToo and a senior marketing and eCommerce executive with experience in consumer products, games and Tarot, according to his biography. Leong also served as the chief marketing officer at L'Oreal and Parker Bros.

Leong recently completed development on the Apple iOS version of the app but the Kickstarter project would allow the app to come to Android smartphones. 

"The next phase is to develop an Android version of the Tarot eCards App for the Android based smartphones and tablet, and this is where we need your support," Leong said on Kickstarter. "We are reaching out for help to fund the development of a Tarot eCards Android App that we are working to release by March 2014."

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