Westport Helps Save Great Cakes Bakery From Closing

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Customers line up at the Great Cakes bake shop in Westport on Wednesday afternoon after news spread that the store was facing closure. Photo Credit: Vanessa Inzitari
The line of customers at Great Cakes Wednesday afternoon extends out the door. Photo Credit: Vanessa Inzitari
Caroline Motyl, daughter of resident Sarah Green, creates a box for donations at Great Cakes Wednesday. Photo Credit: Vanessa Inzitari
From left, Westport residents Sarah Green, her son Matthew Motyl, and Lynne Goldstein with her son Ben and friend Conor Hanley show support Great Cakes Wednesday. Photo Credit: Vanessa Inzitari
A sign outside Great Cakes Wednesday urges residents to help keep the shop in business. Photo Credit: Vanessa Inzitari

WESTPORT, Conn. – Thanks to the hundreds of Westport residents who bought cupcakes, cakes, cookies, breads and other treats Wednesday, Great Cakes bake shop — a Westport institution for 30 years — won’t be closing its doors Thursday, as owner Rick Dickinson thought it might.

“We had a phenomenal turnout today,” Dickinson said after the shop closed for the night, nearly 40 minutes later than normal due to the steady flow of customers. “I didn’t expect it. I almost broke down [crying] several times today because I couldn’t believe it.”

Like many businesses, Dickinson said the shop has been affected by the down economy. However, he said the shop took a big hit after a ban on cupcakes and other sweets for in-school birthday celebrations went into effect this school year.

Before the ban, Dickinson said parents bought cupcakes for their children to take to school for their birthdays. Now, in-school birthday celebrations must be food-free, he said.

“It’s wiped out about 15 percent of my business,” Dickinson said.

Word that the bakery might close spread like wildfire after Dan Woog, a longtime customer and friend of Dickinson, mentioned it on his blog Wednesday morning.

The news prompted residents Sarah Green, Lynne Goldstein and Cindy Eigen — some of the co-founders of Kool to be Kind — to send emails to friends, asking them to come out and support the shop. They also sent the email to Woog, who posted it on his blog. And the community responded.

“After we found out, we knew we had to do something,” Green said. “We sent out emails to everyone we knew and then they sent out emails to their friends and so on. What a great example of ‘It takes a village.’ It makes me proud to live here.”

In the email, the group encouraged people to open prepaid accounts at the bakery, giving them store credit to cash in whenever they want. As such, many customers stopped by to hand Dickinson a check and wish him luck.

Others came by to answer the phones or help Dickinson and his staff during the rush. At one point, a young girl came by to give him her piggy bank.

“It was beyond belief,” he said with a smile. “I’ve always tried to support the community in any way I could and I guess it’s coming back to me.”

Dickinson said he is not sure how long Wednesday’s business boom will tide him over — he won’t know until he tallies up the profits. But he said he’s confident it was enough to keep the business going for the next few weeks at least.

“Just in credit cards alone, we did better than we did on Christmas,” Dickinson said. “We will definitely be here tomorrow.”

Great Cakes is located at 772 Post Road E. 

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Comments (4)


It is indeed a good job for helping the Great Cakes. Without the helping hands of the Westport residents, maybe the bakery will be shut down soon.

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Awesome job to the community. I get up early every Christmas eve to buy a bunch of pastries for Christmas morning brunch. My holiday would never be the same if Great Cakes shut down. I'll make a point to come in more often for my baked goods!


With juvenile diabetes and adult diabetes taking its toll on so many Westport residents, stores that perpetuate the consumption of sugar and white flour products are bound to feel the impact of people turning away from those products.

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