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Danbury High Crowns Teen Boy As Gay Male Prom Queen

At the 2014 Danbury High School Prom, a teenage boy won the title of "Prom Queen." Video Credit: bLxABJlo9XHjHWnre4Y7dw

DANBURY, Conn. -- In a first for Danbury High School, a teen boy was crowned as the gay male prom queen at the school's senior prom last Friday, according to the Queerty.com website .

Promgoers cheered as Nasir Fleming accepted his crown at the prom held at the Matrix Center on Friday night.

“I was shocked to see how awesome and supportive my peers are,” Fleming told Queerty. “I received a decent amount of negative backlash, so I was surprised when I won.”

Fleming was voted prom queen by an election held by his classmates, according to Queerty.

"My main reason for wanting to win prom queen is to show the school, and hopefully the world, that if a spunky, odd gay kid can win prom queen, then anyone can!" Fleming told Queerty.

See a video above posted on YouTube by Nasir Fleming of the moment he was crowned.

Read the full story here at Queerty.com.