Free Financial Planning Seminar Coming To Westport

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Free financial seminars are coming to Westport courtesy of David Lern Associates. Photo Credit: Courtesy David Lerner Associates Website

WESTPORT, Conn. -- Free financial seminars are coming to Westport, courtesy of David Lerner Associates. 

The private securities broker/dealer headquartered in Syosset, N.Y., will present “Sensible Middle Ground of Investing” financial seminars starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27, at The Westport Inn at 1595 Post Road E. in Westport. 

"The David Lerner Associates 'Sensible Middle Ground of Investing' philosophy is based on the belief that, somewhere between the extremes of investments with very low levels of volatility and risk and investments with high degrees of volatility and risk, there lays a sensible middle ground," a press release said.

"The seminars are intended to teach people to think about their investments in a structured way, so that they can properly plan for retirement and build upon their assets. They will discuss the ways in which products such as Non-Traded REITS, Municipal Bonds, and Variable Annuities can be used to support a successful investment strategy."

To reserve a seat at the seminars, call 1-800-367-3000, or register online at the David Lerner Associates website.

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